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Nicolosi Holiday Villas and Apartments

Chiesa Nicolosi
Nicolosi is a town on the South-facing slopes of Mount Etna. The 7,000 inhabitants live mostly from agriculture and tourism.  The town developed in the 12th century from the Benedictine monastery of San Nicolo l’Arena which was founded in the Middle Ages. Today Nicolosi is a tourist destination for those wanting to explore Etna.  There are ski slopes, a cable car and guided tours to the volcano are offered locally.  The town has also recently undergone a redevelopment of it’s historical centre.
  • Villa Rustica, Nicolosi

    From €1000.00 per week


    3 bedrooms

    2 bathrooms

    Villa Rustica is a holiday home with private pool, in quiet and sunny location. It lies 700 meters above sea level, on the south side of Mount Etna and is surrounded by a landscaped garden with green lawns, oak trees, pines, magnolias and a fasci... Read more