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Ragusa Holiday Villas and Apartments

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Ragusa with around 75,000 inhabitants is the capital of the province of Ragusa and one of the most important baroque cities of Sicily, listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The origins of the city can be traced back as far as the 2nd millennium BC when Sicels inhabited the area. The ancient city is located on a hill of about 300 meters altitude and has two distinct areas, the lower and older town ‘Ragusa Ibla’ and the higher situated ‘Ragusa Superiore. These two parts are separated by the Valle dei Ponti, a deep ravine crossed by four bridges. Ragusa has many sights such as the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the Ponte dei Cappuccini and many more. It is also located in an ideal spot to explore the South-eastern tip of Sicily from Modica to Noto and Syracuse.