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Castello di Lombardia

„The navel Sicily's "lies 1000 meters high and covers the rocky head of the Monte Giuliano in the geographical centre Sicily's. Enna is Italy's most high-altitude province capital. From above there exists a grandiose prospect on the inland of the island, as well as the view stood around by high mountains on those wheat fields moving itself wavy. They remind obviously of the fact that Sicily was the grain chamber of the Roman realm 2000 years before. Particularly delightfully is the view on the small town Calascibetta, its buildings are separated, by a valley 9 kilometres from Enna, and lie as if, of the hang-strewn elongated on a hill removed in the north. The city Enna counting 30,000 inhabitants, received it's current name in the year 1926. Cause was their election as the province capital. Up to then it was called Castrogiovanni, what decreased/related to a similarly reading/pronunciation, Arab designation. In 1926 they tied at the earlier selected names by the Romans with „Enna ", in which the old Latin word for „highly " has it's roots.

Most important object of interest is, the enormous Castello di Lombardia established by the Normans nearly 1000 years ago, who developed a fortification of the city lain strategically, which was already used ideally by former conquerors. After they possessed it in a row: the so-called "Sikaner as well as the Stauffer", Greeks, Cartagans, Romans, Byzantines, Arabians, Normans, and Spaniards. In the year 139 before Christ the antique Enna was scene of the first slave rebellion in the Roman realm.

Beside the mentioned large fortress there is something worth to do a visit outside of the town. The centre lain city park with the Norman "Torre di Federico", whose renovation might be terminated meanwhile. Are furthermore great experience could be seeing the cathedral from the14th Century, the substantial cathedral treasure with an unusual coin-collection and Byzantine icons as well as the archaeological museum at the Piazza Mazzini.

Thus Ennas history is very eventful so leisurely it works today. Strategically it still has a favourably position, because it can be attained both by means of the motorway and with the train and by bus comfortably. The real Vitality of the city is only opened for the visitor in the evening when the Via Roma transforms into a boulevard mile with fully Mediterranean joy of life.