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Trapani and Erice


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Salinen von Trapani

In Sicily's extreme west are the salt works from Trapani , salt gardens, where the white gold from the sea water is won with for centuries. The main reason, why an attendance is worthwhile itself. The 70,000 inhabitants counting city, lies 750 meters above. The small mountain town Erice with its 30,000 inhabitants, which covers the crest of the mountain of the same name is particularly enchanting. It ‘s name is probably around  and about the Venus-cults and the glorious, antique Eryx, which Herakles had to surround by building a wall, hardly after he had had cleaned the stable of the Augias. From 700 meters height the Erice convenient over the African sea , you can recognize  the mountains of Hammam Lif  in very clear weather in the distance a presentiment of the bay of Tunis, where Cartago still lies in rubble. To each day however one sees oneself beautifully on Trapani, actually like an enormous white sickle (Greek: Trepanon) in the African sea extends. Furthermore you look on the pre-aged Egadi Islands, on Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, on the far levels of the Trapanesi outland and northward outside to the Capo San Vito with the sea-washed sourrounding Monte Cofano and the nature park Zingaro. It might be the most beautiful prospect, which Sicily's has to offer. Only the view of the Monte Pellegrino, Palermo's house mountain, can to some extent compete up there.