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The Seven Sisters in the Thyrrenian Sea

Island Vulcano

The way they are hang-strewn on the Tyrrhenian Sea, between the boot foot of the Italian mainland and Sicily, remind a little of the outlines of a Mercedes star, the seven sisters, which is Lipari island's other name. The ancient Greeks called them Aeolian Islands designated after Aeolis, the God of the wind. But at least on Lipari you should use the name specified at first. The Liparotians, as the inhabitants of the main-island are called, attach importance to it.

All seven islands are volcanic origin, specifically and exactly described, they are the tops of seven volcanoes, which reach down to 6000 meters depth into the sea-bottom. Still active are two cones: the Stromboli and Vulcano. Since the cones, which are called Alicudi, Filicudi and Salina look up from the marvelously clear-blue Mare Tirreno, expired about 40,000 years ago, nobody believes the same from Panarea.

The seven sisters have completely different characters. Stromboli, which is the northernmost island, is loved by humans, who adore a lifestyle completely originally. The volcano provides for appropriate feelings with its regular, about every ten minutes recurring, fiery belching from the deep inside.

Completely differently is Panarea, rocky and much smaller, but with elegant mansions, luxury hotels and extravagant fashion shops. Panarea is firm into Milan's hands, the island of the beautiful and realms.

Lipari, the main island, is overflowed in the summer. To 8000 inhabitants and the numerous holiday guests are added thousands of trip tourists during the season, who leave again in the evening. , However it is really completed only in August, and that it also and always remains to some extent then, contemplative despite everything, it is because of the fact that the island group can be attained only by the water route. Nowhere place for an airport, the islands is too hilly.

A special position has Salina. Although only 3 kilometres distance from Lipari, their 3000 inhabitants persist in self-sufficiency. While the other six islands form a local unit, with Lipari as the administrative centre, Salina administers itself and divides it up in three administrative districts. Salina also has the two highest mountains. They are both nearly 1000 meters high and have hardly place on the 26 square kilometres small island, whose surface area resembles the outlines of a potato. The island, on which the OSCAR-crowned film „IL Postino ", with Philip Noiret in the main role was turned, resembles from the outside seen a diving camel, from which you can only see the two peaks. Vegetation, tendency and architecture remind of Central America, only that Salina, differently than over the large pond, is expressed peacefully.

Vulcano, which is considered to be the next convenient island to Sicily, and it obviously is a Mecca to rheumatism-troubled and wellness-addicts. The active volcano provides not only a smoke trail in the sky, but feds also an enormous, natural mud bath with hot sulphur water.

Completely different again are the two westernmost islands, Filicudi and Alicudi. Who looks for the absolute peace, possibly also the isolation, is here waived in the best environment.

In case you prefer a particularly romantic journey - and are thus looking for an ideal and a charming, pictorial voyage to this island world - take the ship from Naples, leaving in the evening at 21 o'clock and reach the Island group, first Stromboli, in the early morning. The timetable for this form of the journey is at least at first sight somehow confusing: The ship operates starting from Naples in the first three months of the year on Tuesday and Friday; April, May and June also on Sunday; July and August daily except Wednesday; in September daily except Wednesday and Saturday; in October Tuesday, Friday and Sunday; November and Decembers in each case Tuesday and Friday. Additional in summer, and substantially more expensive, are the connections with the fast wing boats.

Uncomplicated is the journey from Sicily. There the islands lie as it was in front of your house door. In Milazzo at the north coast Sicily's speedboats (and cheap slow boats) start all day long over to Vulcano and Lipari, where you get transfers into the liners to the remaining islands.

On all islands are offered vacation homes, in addition there are to pensions and Albergos to fulfil the needs of every purse's price-categories. Our hotel Tipp for Lipari: the hotel Melingunis in the via Marte, telephone: +39090 9812426; for Vulcano the dreamy hotel garden Vulcano, Porto Ponente, telephone: +39090 9852069; for Salina (in the district Santa Marina Salina) the Pensione Mamma Santina in the via Sanita, telephone +39090 9843054; for Panarea (district San Pietro) hotel Tesoriero, telephone +39090 983098; for Stromboli the holiday-village Villagio Stromboli (Ficogrande), via Regina Elena, telephone +39090 986018. On Filicudi there is the hotel postage, telephone: +39090 9844134, on Alicudi the hotel the Ericusa, telephone: +39090 9812370.