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Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo

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porto of Marettimo

The most western point of Sicily are the Aegadian islands with the furthest out being the small island of Marettimo,  scarcely eight kilometres long and about three kilometres wide. Here about 200 inhabitants live mainly from fishing throughout the year. However, it is also possible that the roasted wild pig is recommended to you in the Trattoria Hiera. Actually the Sicilian black smocks do exist, they live in the forests below the Monte Falcone with 700 meters height and when they are seen in this region below, they now and then lose a member to the cooks of the four excuisite restaurants.

On Marettimo there are no cars and no roads outside of the centre, but many moving ways and still more to the grottos and caverns along the wild-romantic bank landscape. The island, on which very seldom plants are growing was set under nature protection, however the pleasure of enjoying a bath in the waves and diving is allowed, but under any circumstances for instance the underwater hunting for fish is not permitted.

Marettimo with its peace, its crystal-clear water, its separateness and ecological soundness, is unfortunately none secret tap anymore, however spared by the mass tourism remains due to its situation. In the past years a holiday area with 42 apartments developed (Appartamenti Marettimo, telephone +390923 923202). Substantially more cheaply you live in private rooms (for instance in the Casa di Filippa, telephone +390923 27217).

You reach Marettimo, which lies about 45 kilometres from the Sicilian west coast, with the speedboat from Trapani in 90 minutes. In stormy times, usually in December, February or March, it can happen that the ship courses fail.

Closer to the mainland are Favignana, the main island, and the small island Levanzo. Both are bald and lie like bright lime plates in the sea. An attendance of the island Levanzo is worth itself because of pre-historical cave paintings, which were discovered in a grotto.

Favignana is a popular holiday's island, with a beautiful old part of town and a pretty baroque church, with business and Cafés which has 3000 inhabitants and is scarcely 20 speedboat minutes distant from Trapani. There are beautiful bath beaches, and it is not a miracle that the Touring club Italy is running a holiday enterprise there. Favignana is famous because of its Tonnara, into which each spring fish swarms are led and slaughtered in archaic seeming pageant. Our overnight recommendation for Favignana: the 3-stars-hotel Insula, telephone +390923 925437. You reach the Egadi islands with regular operating speedboats from Trapani. Trapani has a regional airport (aero postage Birgi), which is regularly approached from Naples over Palermo. Course and motorway are connecting Trapani with Palermo, which is about 120 kilometres distant.