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With fortress and salt lake


Fortress Barbacane

Appropriate exactly on the half distance of the strait between Sicily and Tunisia is Pantelleria, rather with its own airfield, however owing to the absence sand beach never afflicted from the mass tourism. In the northwest of the island, 7000 humans nevertheless live in the capital,  and are proud of the fortress Barbacane in the port's proximity, which was probably established by the Romans. Pantelleria is the top of an enormous volcanic mountain, whose long extinct main exit rises up to a height of 836 meters.

The island is basically dark volcanic rocks, out of those some thermal sources gush, with partly rough formations and very fruitful soil, is especially in spring by sections sumptuously afflicted and spicy smelling bloom sea. It is not a miracle that Pantelleria in the process of the past 3000 years was always contested again violently. Ancient Greeks created the city Cossyra on the island where Phoenician and Romans hit one another. They estimated the island not only as a strategically important base, but also as retirement-place, as numerous finds proved, among them heads of statues, which represented Julius Caesar and Emperor Titus. Also Byzantines, Turks and Normans seized the island in each case for a while.

On Pantelleria, which measured 88 square kilometres, nevertheless an outstanding wine grows, also olives belong to the agricultural export articles Pantellerias, the island, at whose tide Odysseus was to been met to the beautiful sea virgin Calypso. A green-blue salt lake flashes in the wild-romantic landscape, and who would like to explore the island, can detour on a well developed struggle race perfectly and penetrate it on side streets into the mountain world. In clear weather you can see both, the Sicilian mountain country with the Mont to' Erice and the mountains of Hamann Lif, which are around 80 kilometres furher in the southeast near the Cap Bon where its bay rises from Tunis. In recent times Pantelleria has strengthened the interest of scientists. Roman time experts from the Karlsruhe Helmholtz institute for building chemistry are interested  in the cisterns. Because the water reservoirs put on more than 2000 years ago and surprisingly are still absolutely close. Still in the year 2006 the scientists from the former capital of Baden want to examine the building materials, to find out more about this secret. There is a wide range of  holiday houses  on the island, underneath them, the comfortable Dammusi  built after historical model in the Arabian style. Our recommendation for a short trip: Port' Hotel, via Borgo Italia in Pantelleria, telephone +390923 911299.

Between Pantelleria and Trapani exist ferry and airplane connections, also from Palermo. Furthermore there are direct flights from Rome and Milan.