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The Home Island of the Palermitans

The Home Island of the Palermitians and the diver's-paradise named Ustica is quite suitable for a daily trip, in the best way a kind of an house island to the Palermitians, straight, in order to air themselves and the vapor of the million-citizens-metropolis. With fast and slower boats you reach the convenient island about 65 kilometres in the north Sicily's, which has 1350 inhabitants. The first wing boat starts at 8.15 o'clock in the port of Palermo last return trip is at 19.20 o'clock. Who misses the last boat, does not need to despair, there are sufficient places on Ustica, where one can be gladly fed with fresh fish, particularly gladly filled octopus (Calamari imbottiti) and also bed your tired head comfortably. The best recommendations are heard about and with Angelo Tranchina in the "Ariston", telephone +39 091 8449335.

The name Ustica roots off from the Greek word „osteodes "for „leg house ". Thus ancient Greeks called the little island equal, because they found 6000 corpses there after its conquest. Ustica made negative headlines also well 2500 years later: On 27 June of the year 1980 close of the island a traffic machine of the Alitalia was shot by a rocket, which an US-American fighter plane had probably fired. It probably applied for an airplane in the proximity, in which the CIA was to have assumed the Lybian head of state Moammer aluminium-Gaddhafi. 81 humans found at that time death. Until today the incident, which is still masked by different secret services, was not cleared up.