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Meet Our Team

Christina Baechle, Founder & Manager


Christina's love affair with Sicily started when she travelled there on a short vacation in 2004. A travel agent by trade she completely fell in love with this vibrant island which was almost like a separate small continent to her. She was delighted by her private accommodation and other properties she encountered during her stay, and the rest is history. Christina grew up in Switzerland where she learned her trade as a travel agent, and now lives mainly on Lake Constance.  She is fluent in Italian, not least through the practise of speaking with her Italian relatives. Her language skills and her experience in the travel industry enabled her to build trusting relationships with agencies and owners of villas and apartments. Every year she travels to Sicily in the quieter months, to evaluate new projects and maintain existing contacts. It is important for her wherever possible, to view the holiday properties herself, and to get to continuously learn more about Sicily and it’s surrounding islands. Christina speaks English, German, Italian and French.

Gwendolyn Bachle, Reservations Manager


Gwendolyn Bachle cares primarily for our English and international customers. Gwendolyn has been living in the UK ever since her studies there over 18 years ago.  She knew Sicily already from her childhood and shares Christina's passion for this special place. Gwen travels to Sicily in the quieter months primarily to get to know villas and apartments.  Her particular strength is customer care, giving advice and support as she wants nothing more than to provide customers with the perfect holiday. Gwendolyn speaks English and German.

Concetta Caccamo, Reservations Manager

Concetta Resized

Concetta Caccamo, the daughter of Sicilian emmigrants, grew up in Germany before returning to her much loved, sunny home country. She has been living and working in Sicily's tourism branch for many years, before we had the pleasure to welcome her to work for us. Concetta particularly enjoys bringing Sicily to our visitors from far and wide and is particularly adept in finding and providing information. Concetta speaks Italian, German and English fluently.

Lorenzo Modica,

Lollo Pic

Lorenzo Modica is responsible for the acquisition of new holiday properties for us. Himself the homeowners of a particularly popular holiday villa by the sea, he knows what it takes to ensure a successful holiday for guests and is thus able to instruct the homeowners we work with, in detail.





Manlio Ajovalasit - Photographer

Manlio Pic

Our photographer Manlio has been working with us for the past 2 years and is responsible for taking the pictures of our properties. It is thanks to Manlio who's passion is design and aesthetics that our pictures are not only beautiful but also depict the properties accurately.





Erich Gropper - Journalist and Copywriter


Erich Gropper who has been travelling to Sicily since the seventies of the last century and used to celebrate Christmas regularly with his friends in Palermo, knows Sicily like no other. He also loves the cultural diversity of Sicily, but even more so he loves the food of the island that reflects this diversity. Erich traveled Sicily mainly as a journalist and the information on our website and blog are thanks to his never tiring interest in all things Sicily. It is thanks to Erich Gropper that we gained a deeper insight into the Sicilian situation and fuelled our fascination with the island. Ultimately this was the spark for the company that we are today.

Milena Visconti - Travel Guide


Milena Visconti is an experienced travel guide coming highly recommended by the Dumont Schauberg Publishing House as particularly adept and competent. We have had the pleasure to work with Milena for the past few years and it is thanks to her that we have been able to offer some very detailed tailor made tours for our customers.