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Sicily travel tips

Welcome to our Sicily4u travel guide. Here we hope you will find an abundance of useful and interesting information to help you prepare for and plan your dream Sicilian holiday in 2022, as well as learn a little about the island’s culture. We have amassed our considerable knowledge of Sicily to provide visitors with the nuts and bolts of reaching the island, as well as travelling to different destinations using Sicily as a base. We have included a section with key details that could prove important to your stay such as essential telephone numbers and climate information as well as an in-depth look at some of the most popular cities in Sicily. Additionally, for those that have an interest in exploring the gastronomy, art, culture and history of the island, our brief guides provide the perfect introduction to these fascinating aspects of Sicily. For any additional information and assistance in booking the perfect self-catered villa contact one of our expert team now.

Get there and around

Making the decision to book a holiday to Sicily is the very first step towards an exciting adventure on the shores of this unique island. The next step is organising transport to get there. Our brief guide to getting to the island of Sicily includes information on flights and recommended airlines from both mainland Italy, the continent and the rest of the world. Here you will also find information on public transport in Sicily to enable you to plan your trip with details on train services, bus companies, car rental and the hydrofoil and ferry services to the minor Sicilian islands. Everything you need to book your Sicilian escape. Read more

General information

All the essential details you might require when planning a holiday to Sicily. Here you will find everything from important information on visa requirements, entry to the country and exchanging currency as well as a summary of the climate to help you plan the best time of year for your visit. This section also includes tips on general Sicilian etiquette to help you blend in like a local as well as essential emergency telephone numbers for peace of mind. Read more 

History of Sicily

The rich historical legacy of Sicily is long, fascinating and has captured the imagination of millions of visitors who have fallen in love with this island’s enchanting heritage. Read more about the Ancient civilisations who settled on Sicily’s shores, the marks of which can still be seen to this day in the shape of intriguing archaeological parks and some of the best preserved ruins in the Mediterranean. Learn about the later rulers of Sicily and the melting pot of cultures that have contributed to the development of an island culture like no other.  Read more 

Art and culture

If astounding natural beauty wasn’t enough, Sicily is a land rich in art and cultural treasures, just waiting to be discovered. Take a cultural tour of the island with this brief guide to some of the key attractions of Sicily and the very different influences that have shaped Sicily’s culture over the years. Read about highlights of the festival calendar, the very best architecture on the island and our pick of the top cultural hotspots to visit - from baroque towns to traditional fishing villages, ancient ruins to quaint churches. Read more

Food and beverage

The rich variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients that are grown and produced on this self-sufficient, fertile island make Sicilian cuisine one of the most mouth-watering culinary traditions in the world. From rustic farmer’s markets and authentic trattorias to renowned fine dining establishments, the sheer variety of dining options on the island caters to all manner of tastes. This guide to food and drink in Sicily explores the best specialty dishes that will bring a smile to the lips of all foodies, from those that love their meat and seafood to vegetarians, wine aficionados and those that harbour a sweet tooth, plus information on the famous food festivals that take place on the island throughout the year. Read more

Sicilian cities

Choosing where to base your Sicilian holiday is a key consideration – the island is chock-full of charming cities and unique sights. Whether it is the hustle and bustle of Palermo’s warren of streets that appeals or the ancient cities of Agrigento and Selinunte where crumbled ruins have stood sentinel for thousands of years, this collection of key cities in Sicily provides a brief overview of each along with details of what to see and do, what sort of excursions and day trips are available and what sort of self-catered accommodation options there might be. Read more

Sicilian Islands

Why stick to just one enchanting island when several more float serenely just off-shore? The famous Aeolian Island chain to the north and Egadi Islands to the west are popular hotspots for visitors thanks to their rustic charm and achingly beautiful scenery. As well as offering unparalleled diving opportunities and delectable fresh seafood dishes thanks to their craggy coastlines and crystalline waters, each island offers its own unique features from active volcanic craters lighting up the night skies to bubbling natural mud baths which are reportedly great for the skin. Additionally, the minor islands such as Ustica, Lampedusa and Linosa offer idyllic island retreats with their own unique atmosphere for those that wish to explore further afield. Read more