Discover the Sicilian islands

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Sicilian Islands


The Home Island of the Palermitians and the diver's-paradise named Ustica is quite suitable for a daily trip, in the best way a kind of an house island to the Palermitians, straight, in order to air themselves and the vapor of the million-citizens-metropolis. With fast and slower boats you reach the convenient island about 65 kilometres in the north Sicily's, which has 1350 inhabitants. The first wing boat starts at 8.15 o'clock in the port of Palermo last return trip is at 19.20 o'clock. Who misses the last boat, does not need to despair, there are sufficient places on Ustica, where one can be gladly fed with fresh fish, particularly gladly filled octopus (Calamari imbottiti) and also bed your tired head comfortably. The best recommendations are heard about and with Angelo Tranchina in the "Ariston", telephone +39 091 8449335. Read more here


The enchantingly named Pantelleria is also known by the mysterious moniker ‘the black pearl of the Mediterranean’. Situated off the western coast of Sicily, it is the largest of the minor Sicilian islands, lying closer to Africa than to Europe. This position, just 30 miles shy of Tunisia, lends Pantelleria an exotic air that comes from a rich blend of cultural influences with Arabic place names, wines and traditional houses evident throughout the island. Be sure to visit the Fortress in the harbour and the crystal clear lake during your visit. And don't forget to try some of the amazing fresh fish and other Sicilian cuisine on offer. Read more here...

Lampedusa and Linosa

Lampedusa and Linosa are part of the Pelagian Islands, a small archipelago situated south of Sicily. Its close proximity to Africa means that its influence can still be felt and seen in the architecture, cuisine and the very atmosphere. These two islands offer a tranquil holiday of pure isolation out of season but if you prefer more hustle and bustle, July and August are busy times on the islands. Read more here...

Aegadian Islands

A trio of islands with rustic charm, the Egadis offer a relaxing holiday in Sicily far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you want to get away from it all, the Aegardian Islands are the place to visit. Find out more about Favignana, Lavanzo and Marettimo here as well as top tips on visiting the islands, places to stay and more…

The Aeolian Islands 

These breathtaking islands are known as the Seven Sisters and each one has a different personality. Lipari is the most popular with its plunging cliffs and pastel-coloured houses; Vulcano and Stromboli boast incredible volcanoes; Salina is the green isle, ideal for trekking and hiking; Panarea is the celeb favourite and Filicudi and Alicudi are the smallest sisters with a tranquil atmosphere. Which one is right for you?