6 best activities for honeymooners in Palermo

6 best activities for honeymooners in Palermo

As honeymoon destinations go, the idyllic island of Sicily, steeped in romance, history and enchanting allure, is undeniably a first-class choice. With its epic, natural landscapes of verdant hills, smoking volcanoes and miles of glittering coastline, the breath-taking scenery will seduce you at first sight and your heart can’t fail to be won over by the historical cities, ancient ruins and divine cuisine.

The capital city, Palermo, is often the first port of call for many visitors beginning their Sicilian adventure. We’ve chosen our top six activities for honeymooners that this region has to offer… 

Segway sight-seeing

The historical centre of Palermo is considered to be one of the largest in Europe, a labyrinth of streets just begging to be explored. Instead of the usual hand-in-hand stroll through the streets, why not try something a little different and enjoy your sight-seeing from on board a Segway? Tours run frequently throughout the city and include a half hour training session to allow you to feel comfortable when operating your Segway. Expect to roll through shady piazzas, past beautiful buildings and spot sights such as the magnificent Palazzo dei Normanni, filled with intricate mosaics. The tour culminates with a breezy jaunt along the picturesque seafront, via the ancient port.

Indulge in a street food tour

One for the foodie honeymooners, a street food tour through Palermo is ideal for sampling some of the specialty snacks of the city. A local guide will accompany you on your culinary adventure, through a variety of lively markets, such as Vucciria and Capo, where the stalls are piled high with seasonal produce. You will also visit traditional inns and bakeries filled with the alluring scent of freshly baked bread. Expect to sample a selection of Sicilian delicacies such as panelle (chickpea fritters), arancini (rice balls) and cannoli (a sweet ricotta-based treat). Wash it all down with one of Sicily’s delicious, local wines. Ensure to let your tour know of any dietary requirements in advance.

Take in a show at the Teatro Massimo

If music be the food of love then ensure you book in an evening performance at the stunning Teatro Massimo, reportedly the third largest theatre in Europe. The iconic building might look familiar to movie buffs thanks to its cameo in the final Godfather movie, when Sofia Coppola met her untimely demise on the sweeping steps. Hire an intimate, private box and marvel at the ornate interior as the curtain rises, treating you to a masterclass in the grandeur of Italian opera. After the show, drop into the Cafe del Teatro Massimo where occasional live music and the impressive flood-lit exterior of the theatre provide a romantic ambience that’s hard to beat.

We are sailing

Palermo’s convenient position on the north coast of Sicily lends itself perfectly for a romantic boat trip. A day out on the waves, soaking up the sunshine, sea views and astounding beauty of the region is the perfect honeymoon treat for you and your beloved. Visit the soft, white sands of Mondello and enjoy lunch in this charming fishing village, or escape the crowds at the Natural Reserve of Capo Gallo. Alternatively, opt for a sunset cruise in a traditional Sicilian fishing boat and watch the golden hour descend over the city whilst you take a dip in the crystal clear waters. A wining and dining experience on board can also be arranged.

Picnic in the parks

Palermo can be hot, hectic and full of the hustle of humanity. Find some respite at one of the city’s shady public gardens with a blanket, cold drinks and some Sicilian snacks. The Giardino Garibaldi is a landscaped haven of exotic banyan trees and tropical palms – look out for the 150-year-old ficus. Alternatively, try the Orto Botanio, a garden developed in the 18th century with a variety of fascinating flora from all over the world including coffee and cotton plants, bamboo and cacti. 

Relax on the beach

There are an assortment of sumptuous beaches along the Palermo coastline but Isola delle Femmine, located to the west of the city, is one of the most romantic. The beach’s name is taken from the tiny islet situated around 500 metres off the coast, where a protected nature reserve houses an abundance of flora, fauna and sea life. Relax with your loved one on sugar-spun sands and allow all thoughts of reality to drift away on those crystalline waters.

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The couple's guide to a romantic road trip in Sicily

The couple's guide to a romantic road trip in Sicily

Looking for a romantic getaway this year? Why not take your loved one on a romantic road trip around Sicily? Surrounded by glimmering waters coloured in a rich palette of shades, from deepest cobalt to vivid aquamarine, and bursting with charming old towns, ancient sites of interest and breathtaking views, Sicily provides a romantic setting like no other place in the Med.

For a unique way to see the country, why not hire a car and take a tour around some of Sicily’s most charming destinations? Here are just a few of our must-see spots – add them to your driving itinerary today!


The island’s capital in the north is the first stop for many visitors to Sicily’s shores due to the fact one of the busiest airports on the island is located here. The city streets can get hot, busy and crowded, but there is a lively spirit in the air in Palermo that promises adventure just around the corner. Discover the delectable street food of the capital – considered to be one of the highlights of Sicilian cuisine – then visit the eerie Catacombe dei Cappuccini, a vast underground crypt beneath the city where you and your partner can cling to each other for comfort down in the depths of the earth.

Shutterstock _263849801_Driving _2


Take the scenic route along Sicily’s northern coast and watch mountain vistas, glittering seascapes and vast stretches of agricultural land unveil before your eyes. It takes around three hours to traverse the northern shore and reach the eastern town of Taormina from the capital. But the drive is well worth it. Taormina has a reputation as one of the most beautiful towns in Sicily – its vantage point, atop a craggy promontory, offers dramatically romantic views out over the island, the sea, and beyond. Visit the famous Greco Roman theatre up on the hill – this stone masterpiece is still used for atmospheric performances at certain times of the year. The coastline is peppered with a mixture of sandy beaches and rocky coves, ideal for sunning, swimming and snorkelling the days away.

Shutterstock _124543126_Driving _3


An hour and a half’s drive to the south brings you to Syracuse, a popular spot for locals and foreign tourists alike. Stay in the old town that is based on the intriguing island of Ortygia, connected to Syracuse by a bridge. Here you will find ramshackle streets, incredible food markets and beautiful architectural gems including the recently spruced-up cathedral. You can also visit the Neapolis Archaeological Park to the north west of the city to explore a stunning collection of Ancient Roman and Greek monuments including a magnificent theatre used for plays and performances by the Greeks and gladiatorial battles by the Romans.

Shutterstock _82572010_Driving _4


Less than an hour from Syracuse, you will enter Sicily’s Baroque country. The towns and cities of this region are characterised by enchanting architecture and iconic, cream-coloured buildings that glow in the morning sun. Modica is scattered with narrow lanes to explore and beautiful buildings to discover – take a stroll down the Corso Umberto for a glimpse into Sicily’s Baroque past. Choose accommodation with a terrace and watch the sun set behind the undulating hills that surround Modica. Additionally, don’t forget to try the famously creamy chocolate of the region.

Shutterstock _369681659_Driving _5

Mazara del Vallo

This four-hour drive will take bring you into the heart of Sicily’s ‘wild west’. This is an area of rolling countryside, vineyards and soft, sandy coastline. Stay a few days in the traditional fishing town, a picturesque destination that often plays host to one of the largest fishing fleets in Italy. Enjoy the Arabian architecture, the labyrinthine streets of the quarter known as La Casbah, and incredible seafood specialities. There are also eight miles of sandy beaches stretching out to either side of the town – search for your own secret slice of paradise.

Shutterstock _Eddy Galeotti _Driving _6


The final stop on our driving tour of Sicily brings us to the historical harbour town of Trapani. This charming town has streets designed for strolling with postcard-perfect scenery around every corner, plus it boasts a golden, sandy beach with views of the rustic Egadi Islands just off the coast. These islands make an excellent day trip from Trapani; ferries and hydrofoils run regularly from the harbour. Additionally, it is possible to leave the beach behind and take a cable car up to the romantic mountain town of Erice where cobbled streets, fairytale castles and epic views create a magical kingdom in the clouds.

Shutterstock _268897778_Driving _7

Are you planning to visit Sicily on honeymoon? Check out some of the best activities for honeymooners that Palermo has to offer right here.


5 cool castles to visit in Sicily

5 cool castles to visit in Sicily

Sicily’s treasures are vast and varied which is just one of the reasons this beautiful island attracts such a diverse mix of visitors every year. Sandy beaches, craggy coves and crystalline waters will put a smile on the face of any sun-worshipper. Rolling agricultural fields and sweeping national parks will appeal to the nature lover. And the fresh produce and tantalising recipes of Sicilian cuisine will take any foodie on a gastronomical journey they won’t soon forget.

But one of the elements that makes Sicily so unique in the hearts of those that fall for its charms, is the long, rich history it boasts – a history coloured with dramatic conquest and the rise and fall of mighty powers that have all left their mark on the culture and architecture of the island. This was an island that was so in demand, thanks in part to its fertile lands and key position for trading between the Mediterranean and exotic North Africa, that once an invading nation had come to power on its shores, they did all that they could to hold onto it.

One of the finest and most effective forms of defending the island, was to build imposing castles, strategically positioned to provide ample warning of an attack by land or sea. To this day, the remains of a myriad castles can be found throughout Sicily, ramparts fronting the shoreline of many a coastal town or silhouetted against the sky amongst the mountainous landscapes of Sicily’ rugged interior. Visiting Sicily’s castles will transport you back in time – you can practically feel the history reverberating within their heavy stone walls. Here are a few of our favourites to help guide your search…

Castello di Venere, Erice

The misty mountain town of Erice is a destination reminiscent of a fairytale with its cobbled streets, winding alleys and not one but two castles perched high in the sky. The breathtaking Castello di Venere, a 12th century castle built by the Romans, offers a vantage point up in the clouds with incredible panoramic views that stretch all the way to Africa on a clear day. The crenelated perimeter walls offer dizzying vistas as well as a glimpse of the nearby Torri Pepoli and its wonderful turrets.

Shutterstock _324504926 Venere New

Castello Maniace, Syracuse

Perched on the romantic island of Ortygia, renowned as the beating heart of Syracuse, the Castello Maniace takes its name from the courageous Byzantine general who takes the credit for the Normans win against the Arabs back in 1038. The castle was constructed by the Emperor Frederick II in 1240 and played host to the Angevin kings of Sicily before being turned into a prison in the 15th century. The castle has been extensively restored over the years and is now open for visitors.

Shutterstock _245258956 Meniace New

Il Castello di Caccamo, Caccamo

An excellent day out just off Sicily’s northern coast, the picturesque medieval village of Caccamo lies in the mountains south of Palermo and Cefalu. Over 500 metres above sea level, the village was perfectly positioned for a defensive monument that could survey the surrounding lands for miles around. Il Castello di Caccamo was constructed by the Normans in the 12th century but added to by Manfredi Chiaramonte in the following years. It is a rather spectacular ‘textbook’ version of a castle with magnificent battlements, court chapels, a keep, impressive towers and a strategic position atop a plunging rocky outcrop that adds an atmospheric edge to the scenery.

Shutterstock _131602622 Caccamo New

Il Castello di Donnafugata, near Ragusa

Located a short distance from the beautiful Baroque town of Ragusa, deep in Sicily’s south, Il Castello di Donnafugata is a stunning example of a royal residence. Unlike some of the war-torn and imposing defensive castles of the island, this magnificent structure was built upon extensively throughout the 17th and 20th centuries to please the wealthy aristocrats who called it their home. Norman architectural styles blend seamlessly with Gothic and medieval influences to create a sumptuous abode boasting more than120 rooms, spacious Mediterranean gardens and a small labyrinth. Much of the castle is attributed to Baron Corrado Arezzo de Spuches, the lucky owner of the estate throughout much of the 19th century.

Shutterstock _124506505 Donnafugata New

Il Castello di Milazzo, Milazzo

The Arabs were the first to see the defensive opportunities the rocky headland of Milazzo presented and, as is the case with many of the fortifications of Sicily, the Normans finished constructing the project the Arabs began. The result was the monumental Il Castello di Milazzo, a citadel standing proud against the sky, looking out to sea for potential threats whilst housing a cathedral and a Benedictine monastery within its strong walls.

Shutterstock _148400870 Milazzo New

Why not put some of these romantic, rustic castles on your must-see list today? Perhaps you're honeymooning in Sicily? We've got some more romantic ideas for you right here.


Getting married in Sicily

Getting married in Sicily

One of the first questions any couple planning their big day has to ask themselves is where they imagine exchanging their vows. And we can’t think of anywhere more blissfully suitable than the stunning island of Sicily.

With achingly beautiful scenery that ranges from majestic mountain ranges and rolling countryside to dramatic cliffs overlooking the shimmering sea, this enchanting island has provided endless inspiration for writers, poets, thinkers and artists over the years.

The romantic destinations of Sicily are vast and varied with an idyllic spot to suit all manner of tastes – and with our selection of hand-picked villas to house your wedding party, celebrate your special day or enjoy on your honeymoon, you can be sure that the entire experience will be one you and your guests will treasure forever.

Top romantic locations in Sicily

There are so many wedding-worthy locations in Sicily, it is nearly impossible to narrow it down to a few. However, we have chosen a few of our favourite romantic spots on the island…

Those who have a love of the sea will adore Taormina. This medieval town truly offers the whole package with its winding streets, breath-taking sea views and fabulous architecture, including a Greco-Roman amphitheatre and fabulous Baroque churches around every corner.

A wedding in Syracuse might suit a couple that prizes Sicily’s rich history and culture with its close proximity to the romantic island of Ortygia, castles and one of the most important cathedrals in Sicily.

Or perhaps only a wedding surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily will suffice. In which case, you may want to explore the Baroque towns of Ragusa or Noto with their ornate streets and picturesque facades providing a sophisticated backdrop for your special day.

Alternatively, explore our location guide for more details on the destinations of Sicily or discover our travel guide for detailed descriptions of the most popular areas of the island.

Shutterstock _298207475_weddings _2

Wedding food in Sicily

Sicilian cuisine is renowned throughout the Mediterranean for its sumptuous flavours and local ingredients. The fertile lands and access to the sea are just two of the reasons that the island has been so bitterly fought over by rival cultures during its long history.

Forget about the traditional three-course British menu and go for a buffet made up of top quality pasta and fresh vegetable dishes or a three-course seafood supper – your guests may enjoy a buffet-style selection much more, especially in the height of summer.

Don’t forget to include Sicily’s famous range of sweets and desserts to your menu, as well as some traditional, local wine to get the party started!

Shutterstock _126266870_weddings _3

Best time of year to get married in Sicily

We are of the belief that every season has its charms for a wedding in Sicily. From around March, you can expect blooming wildflowers and blossoms as spring brings the island to life.

From May through to September the weather slowly climbs to its top temperatures before gently dropping again – summer is a great time to get some wedding pictures right on the beach.

July and August can get crowded in some of the more popular areas – but the island is big enough that if you seek the right advice you can escape the crowds.

Autumn is a favourite of many couples visiting the island due to the continuing warm temperatures lending themselves well to outside parties and al fresco dining as well as the fiery colours of the changing leaves providing a spectacular backdrop to your celebrations. Why not give some Olives as wedding favours instead of the traditional sugared almonds, as they will be harvested at this time of year?

And finally, during the winter months you might encounter a dusting of snow in the atmospheric mountains where you can rent a villa or chalet on your wedding night.

Shutterstock _90242122_weddings _4

Wedding legalities in Sicily

Although the legalities of getting married in Italy or Sicily do differ according to nationality, there is no residency requirement for civil ceremonies, so the dream of a wedding on Sicily’s seductive shores is well within your reach.

Just be sure to check up on the current requirements applicable to your country so you can be sure you have the correct documentation in place.

As well as the option of a full Catholic wedding in a church, there are numerous town halls, gardens, castles and villas that have been sanctioned for civil ceremonies by the authorities.

However, we would always recommend that you hire a professional wedding planner who can connect you with the very best local businesses on the island. That way, you'll be able to turn your dream day into a reality.


5 of the best romantic rural villas in Sicily

5 of the best romantic rural villas in Sicily

Sicily might well be an island known for its rugged coastline, shimmering waters and picturesque crescent-moon coves, but there is much more to the island than a simple mixture of sun, sand and sea. As well as ancient archaeological parks and the beautiful Baroque cities of the south, Sicily offers a treasure trove of romantic rural villas to keep even the most ardent nature lover satisfied.

Choosing a holiday villa or apartment in a rural location means you can get back to nature on your trip, soaking up the clean air and tranquil surroundings of the spectacular Mediterranean countryside. Pick a property with a colourful garden to relax in or choose one with a spacious terrace where you can eat your breakfast al fresco, BBQ with the family, or sip on a glass of wine under the stars.

Our collections at Sicily4U offer a range of rural retreats. Here are a few of our favourites…

Villa Millefiori

Indulge in luxurious living with a stay at Villa Millefiori, a six-bedroom holiday villa near to Torrenova on the north-eastern coast. This 50 hectare estate dates back to the 19th century and, with its traditional interiors and beautiful antique furniture, the property is filled to the brim with regal Sicilian character and charm. Enjoy the ornamental garden, blooming with colourful flowers, explore the grounds which include the ruins of an old Benedictine Monastery and an old mill, or relax by the pool with its breath-taking views of the coast.

Rural _Millefiori

Il Rifugio

This four-bedroom holiday villa named Il Rifugio is a refuge indeed, perched on three acres of land outside the buzzing beach town of San Vito Lo Capo. Just a short distance away from the famous Lo Zingaro Nature Reserve with its glittering beaches and exhilarating coastal walks, the villa offers direct access to a rocky part of the coast where you can snorkel and swim with ease. A 4x4 car is essential for a stay in this property, thanks to its secluded position on the coast. Otherwise, simply load up on supplies, cut yourself off from the hectic outside world and swim, trek and dine al fresco to your heart’s content.

Rural _Rifugio

Casa Maya

Situated in the western region of Sicily, often considered to be home to some of the most beautiful rural scenery on the island, Casa Maya is a charming country house offering access to some top Sicilian attractions. Visit the mountain town of Erice, the salt pans of Trapani, the island of Mozia or the ruins of Segesta – all located just a short drive away. Back at your base you can experience what life might have been like for the Sicilian aristocracy of yesteryear, surrounded by panoramic views of the Mediterranean countryside. Wood-beamed ceilings, sumptuous decor and a large private terrace, complete with a pool to keep you cool under the hot Sicilian sun.

Rural _Casa Maya

Villa Balthasar

Country living in Sicily doesn’t necessarily have to come with a luxury price tag. Villa Balthasar is a three-bedroom holiday villa that offers fantastic value for money. This cosy rural retreat is set in the vicinity of Capo d’Orlando, a part of Sicily’s northern coast that’s famed for its beautiful beaches. Recently restored, this beautiful self-catered villa is tastefully decorated and enjoys a secluded location, surrounded on three sides by fragrant gardens filled with citrus trees, bright flowers and aromatic plants.

Rural _Balthasar

Villa Terrazza Pollara

Escape from it all with a visit to the cosy Villa Terrazza Pollara, situated on the Aeolian Island of Salina, off the coast of northern Sicily. These unique volcanic islands are renowned for their exceptional natural beauty – the area is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. This elegant, traditional property is set against a backdrop of vineyards and a mountainous skyline. Enjoy open-air dining on the sunny terrace or take a stroll to the nearby beach of Pollara, one of the most picturesque bays of the archipelago.

Rural _Pollaza

Whether it’s a rural retreat, historical holiday or seaside sojourn you are looking for, we are confident we can help you find your dream property at Sicily4U. Just take a look at our other villa collections here.


5 luxury villas in Sicily to fall in love with

5 luxury villas in Sicily to fall in love with

Treating yourself to a well-deserved holiday is one of life’s chief pleasures. Whether its rest and relaxation you seek, a spot of wining and dining, indulging in your favourite pastime, or all of the above, a holiday gives you the chance to be good to yourself and take a break from the routine and responsibility of ordinary day-to-day life. So, why not push the boat out and make your trip one to remember with a luxury Sicilian villa that takes your breath away?

Renting a self-catered villa is a popular option in Sicily – ideal for those who prefer to set their own timetable as well as enjoy more space and greater privacy. Our collections include a selection of luxurious retreats offering sumptuous Sicilian properties with plenty of character and unique features, guaranteed to put the icing on the cake of your holiday. From regal country estates that allow you to experience the traditional life of the Sicilian aristocracy to contemporary beachfront properties with mesmerising views of the sea, we are confident that we have the luxury villa of your dreams within our collection.

Here are some of our top picks…

Villa Stellamarina – best for beachfront location

A modern white villa with unbeatable views of the sea, StellaMarina is the perfect getaway location for you and your family. With decoration inspired by its idyllic beachfront location, this instagram-worthy luxury villa is the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding southern coastline and nearby towns like Modica and Ragusa.

With fully air-conditioned rooms, wifi, 5 comfortable bedrooms and a sauna and Jacuzzi, this has to be the ultimate place to relax! Or if you want to get a little more active, the beach is just 400 metres away and the Donnafugata Golf Resort just half an hour by car. Do you love the look of this villa? Read more here…

Stella Marina _Main _Pool

Stella Marina _Lounge

Villa Aronica – best for children

Enjoy a stylish stay in the popular beach town of San Vito Lo Capo at this beautiful villa. With seven bedrooms and a contemporary design, Villa Aronica enjoys sparkling sea views as well as a backdrop provided by the majestic, mountainous landscape of Sicily.

The spacious terrace is ideal for socialising and dining alfresco whilst the shimmering pool offers a chance to cool off under the hot Sicilian sun. The tropical beach of San Vito Lo Capo is just a five-minute walk away on foot whilst the Lo Zingaro and Monte Cofano Nature Reserves are also not too far away.

Luxury _Aronica _1

Luxury _Aronica _2

Villa baglio campofranco – best for quiet location

A traditionally designed villa boasting all mod cons, Villa Baglio Campofranco takes on the appearance of a grand manor house. It can sleep up to 12 guests in pure Sicilian luxury and with one of the twin bedrooms accessible via another, this is an ideal base for families with children. Located on the edge of a nature reserve, this is the ideal place for hiking lovers or if you want to relax, just spend your days lounging beside the impressive 17x7-metre swimming pool located on the south side of the main house.

The testimonials of this luxurious villa say it all… ‘great layout, quiet surroundings and the service team is outstanding’ said one lucky visitor while another praised the homeliness of this grand property.

Baglio Campfranco _Pool

Baglio Campofranco _Patio

Villa meridiana – best for travelling with grandparents

This newly-built villa rests in the small seaside town of Caucana and boasts 9 incredible bedrooms and its own annexe – perfect if you’re travelling with grandparents as they can have their own quiet space away from the main house.

If eating outside is your thing, then Villa Meridiana can offer a grand patio area which is perfect for indulging your love of real Italian food. The beautiful landscaped gardens make an excellent place to play, read, relax and recharge your batteries. ‘Happy Holiday Guests’ is the owner’s motto here – one trip is never enough! Read more about Villa Meridiana here.

Meridiana _Pool

Meridiana _Kitchen

Villa la favorita – best for eating outside

With the ability to sleep up to 13 people, it’s easy to see why Villa La Favorita is a favourite for large group holidays. Overlooking a rocky shoreline, this villa has the perfect sea views and an opulent interior that will make you feel like royalty. This villa has one of the best outdoor eating areas we’ve seen, perfect if you enjoy long lazy BBQs or chilled-out late dinners in the warm evening air. Read more La Favorita's features here.

A trip to Mount Etna, or the pretty towns of Ragusa and Syracuse are all just a short drive away or you could just laze by the beautiful swimming pool and soak up the sun! The villa has wifi too, perfect for keeping little ones entertained on the iPad or tablet. This truly is a spectacular place but don’t just take our word for it! Read some of the amazing reviews right here.

La Favorita _Outside _Dining

La Favorita _Lounge

Our luxurious villas offer a range of amenities such as private chefs, maid services, baby-sitting and tours – please contact us for further information or click on specific properties for more details.


Villa StellaMarina – An exclusive island escape

Villa StellaMarina – An exclusive island escape

Planning a hotel stay for a large family or group of friends can be a challenging experience. Ensuring that everyone has enough space, privacy and freedom to do, eat and play as they please can be tricky when staying in accommodation that serves other guests. Why not think outside the box and consider booking your very own villa to enjoy your Sicilian break.

The beautiful Villa StellaMarina provides an exclusive island escape for up to 10 people in five bedrooms, allowing your group to experience local life with a touch of luxury in the alluring southeast of Sicily.

Special features

This idyllic villa offers a range of attractive features to make a stay as memorable as possible. Designed and decorated in a stylish, contemporary fashion, Villa StellaMarina boasts a variety of spacious terraces where guest can soak up the Sicilian sunshine as well as the surrounding sea vistas.

Stella Marina _Terrace

En suite bathrooms, two roomy living areas and the same number of well-equipped kitchens means that no matter whether guests prefer to indulge in a late breakfast whilst still wearing pyjamas or wake at the crack of dawn to watch the sun rise over the sparkling sea, there is the space to do so without rousing everyone in the house.

Stella Marina _Lounge

Modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi, satellite TV, air-conditioning and a washing machine and dishwasher are all included as you might expect. However, the icing on the cake of this sumptuous stay comes courtesy of the private pool and spa area, complete with a sauna and Jacuzzi.

Stella Marina _Spa

Luxury living

Holidays are a time to get away from the responsibilities of day-to-day life – for many, this can include an escape from the household chores too. At Villa StellaMarina, maid service is available on request as well as the option to arrange a cook for your stay – we can even take care of your grocery shopping if you so desire.

Stella Marina _Kitchen

What’s nearby?

Just a stroll away from the sands of Marina Modica, guests can easily enjoy an afternoon at the beach should they decide they need a change of scenery from the villa. Shops, restaurants and banks are located a short drive away in nearby Pozzallo whilst sports enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that a tennis court and the Donnafugata Golf Resort is within reach, too.

Using Villa StellaMarina as a base also offers a myriad of opportunities to explore the southeast of Sicily in all its rustic and historical charm. The fairy-tale Baroque towns of Modica and Ragusa are located nearby with their ornate architecture and delicious local treats – be sure to try the famous chocolate of Modica – whilst the archaeological treasures of ancient Syracuse make for an excellent day trip, too.

For a luxurious yet homely holiday villa that will open your eyes to the beauty of Sicily’s southeast, book your stay at Villa StellaMarina today.

Villa Aronica – A luxurious family-friendly villa in Sicily

Villa Aronica – A luxurious family-friendly villa in Sicily

Take a well-deserved break from the daily grind with an escape to the beautiful island of Sicily and a stay in one of our favourite luxury villas, Villa Aronica. Experience a taste of the life the other half live in this seven-bedroom contemporary villa with its blissful sea views and dramatic mountain backdrop.

With space enough to comfortably house 14 guests, Villa Aronica makes an excellent base for a group of friends or a family gathering; this holiday home’s diverse features and amenities will appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Unique features

Villa Aronica is unique in that it is the only private villa with its own swimming pool in San Vito Lo Capo. So, if that seven-minute walk to the sands feels like too much trouble on an especially lazy day, guests can simply relax on the sun loungers around the pool and take a refreshing dip in the comfort of their own private space.

Villa Aronica _Pool

The villa is also ideal for alfresco dining with its spacious outdoor kitchen, complete with sturdy BBQ area and large dining table, sheltered from the sun. As well as preparing meals in any of the villa’s three kitchens, guests can also arrange for a private cook to treat their party to a number of Sicilian specialities.

Villa Aronica _Bedroom

Young children will have plenty of space to play in the picturesque Mediterranean garden with its array of pine, palm and olive trees whilst a small playground, complete with slides and a mini-football pitch, will serve to keep restless minds entertained.

Villa Aronica _Play Area

The location

What is a holiday in Sicily without a little sea, sun and sand? Villa Aronica provides buckets of fun in the sunshine, thanks to its idyllic location in one of the island’s most coveted holiday hotspots, San Vito Lo Capo. Nestled on the north-western tip of the island, this beautiful beach town boasts one of the most popular stretches of white sand in Sicily. Fringed with tropical palm trees, you could almost be forgiven for believing you were in the Caribbean, and a stay in Villa Aronica will place you a mere seven-minute walk from the beach.

Villa Aronica _Garden

This villa also makes the perfect base for excursions to sites of interest in the western regions of Sicily. As well as its opportunities for hiking, climbing, diving and visiting national parks nearby, guests who time their visit right can enjoy the famous Cous Cous Festival of San Vito Lo Capo which takes place on the nearby beach. A car isn’t necessary to enjoy a holiday in this villa – shops and restaurants are just a short walk away.

The light, bright decor of Villa Aronica gives the property the fresh, modern feel of a luxurious beachside retreat. We can guarantee you won’t want to leave. Why not book your stay today

Villa Meridiana – a Mediterranean oasis

Villa Meridiana – a Mediterranean oasis

Situated in Baroque country, deep in the south of Sicily, the sumptuous Villa Meridiana is a study in contemporary comfort and Mediterranean tranquility. This spacious villa may be a new build, but it was modelled on the traditional villas of Sicilian nobility. Therefore, you can experience a taste of how the other half lived in the deep south of this beautiful island without sacrificing the range of mod-cons you might need to make your stay run as smoothly as possible.

Villa Meridiana is painted in soft pastel tones and cuts an eye-catching figure when paired with the stunning 8x20m swimming pool and picturesque landscaped gardens.

Meridiana _Pool

 With accommodation split between the main home and attached annexe, there is plenty of room for families or large groups of friends to enjoy quality time together whilst still slipping off for some moments away from the crowd. This villa has nine bedrooms in all, sleeping 15 in comfort and style.

Meridiana _Patio

Inside the villa

A tour of the main building of this attractive villa reveals an airy living room with direct access to the terrace and gardens as well three double bedrooms, complete with en-suite facilities.

On the first floor, you will find a fully-equipped kitchen, ideal for preparing breakfast, dinner or making up packed lunches for a day out exploring, and another large living room and terrace – just in case one isn’t enough. The second floor offers a double bedroom and single bedroom, both with private balconies and bathrooms.

Meridiana _Kitchen

Those staying in the annexe will find the rooms to be just as comfortable; there is even a small kitchenette available for those early morning coffees, when you aren’t quite ready to rouse the house.

We can make your stay even more relaxing at this Mediterranean oasis by arranging a maid or cook service to attend to your needs – these services are available on request.

Meridiana _Lounge

Although there is a tennis court and restaurant within 900 metres of the villa, the peaceful rural surroundings mean that to reach further amenities and explore the treasures of Sicily’s south, it’s essential to bring your own car to this part of the island. There is private parking on site to cater for vehicles.

What is there to do nearby?

One of the big draws of Villa Meridiana is its close proximity to the sea. The fine sandy beaches of Punta Secca and Caucana are just a short stroll from the property whilst the beach of Marina di Ragusa makes for an enjoyable day trip, situated just 3km away.

Golf enthusiasts will delight in the close proximity of the famous Donnafugata Golf Resort whilst history buffs will be keen to explore the ancient Greek and Roman ruins at the Neapolis Archaeology Park near Syracuse. The quaint island of Ortygia, connected to mainland Syracuse by an overland bridge, is also worth a visit, thanks to its atmospheric medieval streets and vibrant markets. 

Shutterstock _209185600_Ortygia

Last but not least, the beautiful Baroque towns of the south offer stunning architecture and a chance to explore the history and culture of Sicily through the captivating buildings, cathedrals and facades on display. Try the chocolate of Modica and admire the beauty of Noto as you drive through the Valle Barocco.

Get ready to indulge in rest, relaxation and all the delights southern Sicily has to offer – book Villa Meridiana for your next getaway, today.

Villa La Favorita – a deluxe beach house on the shore

Villa La Favorita – a deluxe beach house on the shore

If breathtaking sea views at breakfast and the murmur of waves soothing you to sleep sound like prerequisites for your next holiday, consider a stay at Villa La Favorita, perched on the shore of one of Sicily’s most famous white sand beaches.

This beautiful villa offers a soul-soothing view of crystalline waters and is just a few hundred metres from the creamy sands of Fontane Bianche, a paradisal beach which hugs the coastline, 20km south of Syracuse.

La Favorita _Outside _Dining

With six stylish bedrooms and the capacity to sleep 13, Villa La Favorita makes a comfortable choice for a medium to large family or friendship groups in search of a Sicilian break filled with sun, sand and sea. Plus, the close proximity of historical Syracuse with its ancient archaeological sites of interest means that there is more to this part of Sicily than a simple beach holiday.

inside villa favorita

Villa La Favorita is a deluxe beach house with spacious, tastefully decorated terraces affording incredible sea views. Most of the year, the Sicilian climate affords the perfect temperature for outdoor living and this spectacular villa offers every chance to indulge in this way of life.

Curl up on one of the alfresco sofas with a glass of wine at sunset, fire up the BBQ to grill a range of Mediterranean delicacies, or relax in the private pool whilst you gaze out to sea – the outdoor space has plenty of room for all.

La Favorita _Outside _Patio

Inside, the villa is just as charming, with a luxurious living and dining area that works just as well in the winter season as it does in the summer months. An open fire and large glass windows mean you can stay cosy indoors whilst making the most of that enchanting view, even if the mercury drops.

Meridiana _Lounge

One bedroom and a sofa-bed make up the sleeping arrangements downstairs whilst upstairs lie five en-suite bedrooms and another sun-trap of a terrace, complete with lounging furniture to top up those tans.

Meridiana _Kitchen

Additionally, Villa La Favorita comes with a discreet on-site housekeeper who can provide daily cleaning duties if you so desire. Further services, such as babysitting, guided tours and cooking duties can be arranged on request.

What is there to do nearby?

The most convenient airport to Villa La Favorita is Catania airport, 74km away. Catania airport provides the gateway to the south-east of Sicily where there are a number of fascinating things to do beyond relaxing on white sands and swimming in the cerulean sea.

Syracuse was once the largest and most important city in Sicily and now the region is a UNESCO World Heritage site, characterised by medieval streets and Baroque architecture. Additionally, a visit to the fairytale island of Ortygia with its charming old town and a trip to the Neapolis Archaeological Park with its majestic Greek and Roman ruins are two must-do excursions on a visit to this part of Sicily.

Shutterstock _Ancient _Syracuse

For further adventures near Villa La Favorita, visit the Baroque towns of the south such as Ragusa and Noto. These exquisitely designed centres offer beautiful architecture from days long past and the chance to get up close and personal with traditional Sicilian life.

Explore Sicily’s fascinating history and captivating natural surroundings with a stay at this beachside villa; why not book your stay at La Favorita today?

Best villas in Sicily for peace lovers

Best villas in Sicily for peace lovers

Beautiful Sicily appeals to a wide range of travellers, thanks to its collection of diverse landscapes offering a variety of memorable experiences. Whether you’re looking for family friendly beaches, romantic mountain hideaways or an outdoor adventure where trekking, hiking and riding bikes are  par for the course, Sicily can deliver the goods.

However, if all you’re looking for is a holiday filled with nothing more than the sounds of crashing waves, chirping birds and plenty of opportunities to relax in the peace and quiet, then explore some of the quieter destinations Sicily has to offer. Head to the south west with its vast regions of natural splendour and quaint, traditional towns, and you might just find this magical island has tranquility covered, too.

Where to find peace and quiet in Sicily

First up is the historical town of Menfi, a delightful destination steeped in the laid-back culture of the island. Here, just 75 kilometres away from the archaeological treasure box of Agrigento and the infamous Valley of the Temples, devotees to the church of peace and quiet can soak up the jewel-toned sea views this coastal town offers as well as the sleepy ambience.

Just a half hour drive further west, you will come to Selinunte, once a thriving metropolis of Ancient Greek and now a destination boasting magnificent ruins that rival even those found in Greece. From crumbling temples to sacrificial altars, the archaeological park of Selinunte will capture the imagination of the most hard-to-please history buff, but the peace-seeking traveller might find another nearby attraction to be even more suited to their taste.

March _Ruins

The stunning Belice Nature Reserve, a 130-hectare area of protected land, offers a breath-taking escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Here, gently undulating sand dunes characterise the landscape whilst pine-scented woods and the mouth of the Belice River offers a glimpse of some of Sicily’s rarest fauna and flora. If you’re looking to be at one with nature, then look no further. In fact, you might even come across the little-known restaurant, La Pineta, where you can dine on lobster with your toes in the sand, far from the madding crowds.

Villa Le Vigne

Experience the best Selinunte has to offer with a stay in the stylish yet comfortable Villa le Vigne, a hillside retreat, surrounded by vineyards stretching far into the distance. With plenty of room for a family of six, or three holidaying couples, daily activities are likely to include unwinding by the large private pool, sunbathing in the Mediterranean garden, or taking a 10-minute stroll to the beach of Foce de Belice where the lack of crowds and unspoilt beauty provide perfect peace and tranquility.

March _Villa _Vigne _Lounge

March _Villa _Vigne _Pool

Villa Mandala

Alternatively, Villa Mandala is a luxurious holiday property, located close to Selinunte and Menfi, which offers a touch of Far Eastern Zen with its decor and atmosphere. Following Eastern Zen philosophy, the villa is divided into a ‘night’ area and a ‘day’ area with tastefully furnished interiors and a large, private pool area designed to offer a dash of inner peace to guests, no matter what time the clock reads.

March _Villa _Mandala _Outside

March _Villa _Mandala _Pool

Villa Torre Canalotto

Finally, a larger group might prefer at stay at the luxurious and aristocratic Torre Canalotto, near the town of Castelvetrano. Perched high on a hill, surrounded by olive and citrus trees, the property offers extensive lawns, landscaped gardens and a private pool with a spectacular rural view. Ensconced in the lap of traditional Sicilian luxury, you may never want to leave.

March _Villa _Canalotto _Lounge

March _Villa _Canalotto _Patio

So, if a hushed holiday of rest and relaxation sounds like heaven on earth, why not add these little pieces of paradise to your bucket list and see what Sicily has to offer?