Best villas in Sicily for peace lovers

Best villas in Sicily for peace lovers

Beautiful Sicily appeals to a wide range of travellers, thanks to its collection of diverse landscapes offering a variety of memorable experiences. Whether you’re looking for family friendly beaches, romantic mountain hideaways or an outdoor adventure where trekking, hiking and riding bikes are  par for the course, Sicily can deliver the goods.

However, if all you’re looking for is a holiday filled with nothing more than the sounds of crashing waves, chirping birds and plenty of opportunities to relax in the peace and quiet, then explore some of the quieter destinations Sicily has to offer. Head to the south west with its vast regions of natural splendour and quaint, traditional towns, and you might just find this magical island has tranquility covered, too.

Where to find peace and quiet in Sicily

First up is the historical town of Menfi, a delightful destination steeped in the laid-back culture of the island. Here, just 75 kilometres away from the archaeological treasure box of Agrigento and the infamous Valley of the Temples, devotees to the church of peace and quiet can soak up the jewel-toned sea views this coastal town offers as well as the sleepy ambience.

Just a half hour drive further west, you will come to Selinunte, once a thriving metropolis of Ancient Greek and now a destination boasting magnificent ruins that rival even those found in Greece. From crumbling temples to sacrificial altars, the archaeological park of Selinunte will capture the imagination of the most hard-to-please history buff, but the peace-seeking traveller might find another nearby attraction to be even more suited to their taste.

March _Ruins

The stunning Belice Nature Reserve, a 130-hectare area of protected land, offers a breath-taking escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Here, gently undulating sand dunes characterise the landscape whilst pine-scented woods and the mouth of the Belice River offers a glimpse of some of Sicily’s rarest fauna and flora. If you’re looking to be at one with nature, then look no further. In fact, you might even come across the little-known restaurant, La Pineta, where you can dine on lobster with your toes in the sand, far from the madding crowds.

Villa Le Vigne

Experience the best Selinunte has to offer with a stay in the stylish yet comfortable Villa le Vigne, a hillside retreat, surrounded by vineyards stretching far into the distance. With plenty of room for a family of six, or three holidaying couples, daily activities are likely to include unwinding by the large private pool, sunbathing in the Mediterranean garden, or taking a 10-minute stroll to the beach of Foce de Belice where the lack of crowds and unspoilt beauty provide perfect peace and tranquility.

March _Villa _Vigne _Lounge

March _Villa _Vigne _Pool

Villa Mandala

Alternatively, Villa Mandala is a luxurious holiday property, located close to Selinunte and Menfi, which offers a touch of Far Eastern Zen with its decor and atmosphere. Following Eastern Zen philosophy, the villa is divided into a ‘night’ area and a ‘day’ area with tastefully furnished interiors and a large, private pool area designed to offer a dash of inner peace to guests, no matter what time the clock reads.

March _Villa _Mandala _Outside

March _Villa _Mandala _Pool

Villa Torre Canalotto

Finally, a larger group might prefer at stay at the luxurious and aristocratic Torre Canalotto, near the town of Castelvetrano. Perched high on a hill, surrounded by olive and citrus trees, the property offers extensive lawns, landscaped gardens and a private pool with a spectacular rural view. Ensconced in the lap of traditional Sicilian luxury, you may never want to leave.

March _Villa _Canalotto _Lounge

March _Villa _Canalotto _Patio

So, if a hushed holiday of rest and relaxation sounds like heaven on earth, why not add these little pieces of paradise to your bucket list and see what Sicily has to offer?