Getting married in Sicily

Getting married in Sicily

One of the first questions any couple planning their big day has to ask themselves is where they imagine exchanging their vows. And we can’t think of anywhere more blissfully suitable than the stunning island of Sicily.

With achingly beautiful scenery that ranges from majestic mountain ranges and rolling countryside to dramatic cliffs overlooking the shimmering sea, this enchanting island has provided endless inspiration for writers, poets, thinkers and artists over the years.

The romantic destinations of Sicily are vast and varied with an idyllic spot to suit all manner of tastes – and with our selection of hand-picked villas to house your wedding party, celebrate your special day or enjoy on your honeymoon, you can be sure that the entire experience will be one you and your guests will treasure forever.

Top romantic locations in Sicily

There are so many wedding-worthy locations in Sicily, it is nearly impossible to narrow it down to a few. However, we have chosen a few of our favourite romantic spots on the island…

Those who have a love of the sea will adore Taormina. This medieval town truly offers the whole package with its winding streets, breath-taking sea views and fabulous architecture, including a Greco-Roman amphitheatre and fabulous Baroque churches around every corner.

A wedding in Syracuse might suit a couple that prizes Sicily’s rich history and culture with its close proximity to the romantic island of Ortygia, castles and one of the most important cathedrals in Sicily.

Or perhaps only a wedding surrounded by some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily will suffice. In which case, you may want to explore the Baroque towns of Ragusa or Noto with their ornate streets and picturesque facades providing a sophisticated backdrop for your special day.

Alternatively, explore our location guide for more details on the destinations of Sicily or discover our travel guide for detailed descriptions of the most popular areas of the island.

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Wedding food in Sicily

Sicilian cuisine is renowned throughout the Mediterranean for its sumptuous flavours and local ingredients. The fertile lands and access to the sea are just two of the reasons that the island has been so bitterly fought over by rival cultures during its long history.

Forget about the traditional three-course British menu and go for a buffet made up of top quality pasta and fresh vegetable dishes or a three-course seafood supper – your guests may enjoy a buffet-style selection much more, especially in the height of summer.

Don’t forget to include Sicily’s famous range of sweets and desserts to your menu, as well as some traditional, local wine to get the party started!

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Best time of year to get married in Sicily

We are of the belief that every season has its charms for a wedding in Sicily. From around March, you can expect blooming wildflowers and blossoms as spring brings the island to life.

From May through to September the weather slowly climbs to its top temperatures before gently dropping again – summer is a great time to get some wedding pictures right on the beach.

July and August can get crowded in some of the more popular areas – but the island is big enough that if you seek the right advice you can escape the crowds.

Autumn is a favourite of many couples visiting the island due to the continuing warm temperatures lending themselves well to outside parties and al fresco dining as well as the fiery colours of the changing leaves providing a spectacular backdrop to your celebrations. Why not give some Olives as wedding favours instead of the traditional sugared almonds, as they will be harvested at this time of year?

And finally, during the winter months you might encounter a dusting of snow in the atmospheric mountains where you can rent a villa or chalet on your wedding night.

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Wedding legalities in Sicily

Although the legalities of getting married in Italy or Sicily do differ according to nationality, there is no residency requirement for civil ceremonies, so the dream of a wedding on Sicily’s seductive shores is well within your reach.

Just be sure to check up on the current requirements applicable to your country so you can be sure you have the correct documentation in place.

As well as the option of a full Catholic wedding in a church, there are numerous town halls, gardens, castles and villas that have been sanctioned for civil ceremonies by the authorities.

However, we would always recommend that you hire a professional wedding planner who can connect you with the very best local businesses on the island. That way, you'll be able to turn your dream day into a reality.