The couple's guide to a romantic road trip in Sicily

The couple's guide to a romantic road trip in Sicily

Looking for a romantic getaway this year? Why not take your loved one on a romantic road trip around Sicily? Surrounded by glimmering waters coloured in a rich palette of shades, from deepest cobalt to vivid aquamarine, and bursting with charming old towns, ancient sites of interest and breathtaking views, Sicily provides a romantic setting like no other place in the Med.

For a unique way to see the country, why not hire a car and take a tour around some of Sicily’s most charming destinations? Here are just a few of our must-see spots – add them to your driving itinerary today!


The island’s capital in the north is the first stop for many visitors to Sicily’s shores due to the fact one of the busiest airports on the island is located here. The city streets can get hot, busy and crowded, but there is a lively spirit in the air in Palermo that promises adventure just around the corner. Discover the delectable street food of the capital – considered to be one of the highlights of Sicilian cuisine – then visit the eerie Catacombe dei Cappuccini, a vast underground crypt beneath the city where you and your partner can cling to each other for comfort down in the depths of the earth.

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Take the scenic route along Sicily’s northern coast and watch mountain vistas, glittering seascapes and vast stretches of agricultural land unveil before your eyes. It takes around three hours to traverse the northern shore and reach the eastern town of Taormina from the capital. But the drive is well worth it. Taormina has a reputation as one of the most beautiful towns in Sicily – its vantage point, atop a craggy promontory, offers dramatically romantic views out over the island, the sea, and beyond. Visit the famous Greco Roman theatre up on the hill – this stone masterpiece is still used for atmospheric performances at certain times of the year. The coastline is peppered with a mixture of sandy beaches and rocky coves, ideal for sunning, swimming and snorkelling the days away.

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An hour and a half’s drive to the south brings you to Syracuse, a popular spot for locals and foreign tourists alike. Stay in the old town that is based on the intriguing island of Ortygia, connected to Syracuse by a bridge. Here you will find ramshackle streets, incredible food markets and beautiful architectural gems including the recently spruced-up cathedral. You can also visit the Neapolis Archaeological Park to the north west of the city to explore a stunning collection of Ancient Roman and Greek monuments including a magnificent theatre used for plays and performances by the Greeks and gladiatorial battles by the Romans.

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Less than an hour from Syracuse, you will enter Sicily’s Baroque country. The towns and cities of this region are characterised by enchanting architecture and iconic, cream-coloured buildings that glow in the morning sun. Modica is scattered with narrow lanes to explore and beautiful buildings to discover – take a stroll down the Corso Umberto for a glimpse into Sicily’s Baroque past. Choose accommodation with a terrace and watch the sun set behind the undulating hills that surround Modica. Additionally, don’t forget to try the famously creamy chocolate of the region.

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Mazara del Vallo

This four-hour drive will take bring you into the heart of Sicily’s ‘wild west’. This is an area of rolling countryside, vineyards and soft, sandy coastline. Stay a few days in the traditional fishing town, a picturesque destination that often plays host to one of the largest fishing fleets in Italy. Enjoy the Arabian architecture, the labyrinthine streets of the quarter known as La Casbah, and incredible seafood specialities. There are also eight miles of sandy beaches stretching out to either side of the town – search for your own secret slice of paradise.

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The final stop on our driving tour of Sicily brings us to the historical harbour town of Trapani. This charming town has streets designed for strolling with postcard-perfect scenery around every corner, plus it boasts a golden, sandy beach with views of the rustic Egadi Islands just off the coast. These islands make an excellent day trip from Trapani; ferries and hydrofoils run regularly from the harbour. Additionally, it is possible to leave the beach behind and take a cable car up to the romantic mountain town of Erice where cobbled streets, fairytale castles and epic views create a magical kingdom in the clouds.

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