Why visit the west of Sicily?

Why visit the west of Sicily?

Escape the crowds and visit the wild west of Sicily where glittering turquoise seas, acres of vineyards and awe-inspiring ancient ruins are guaranteed to take your breath away. Whilst there are several popular destinations in this region that attract a certain degree of attention, such as the misty mountain town of Erice and the archaeological park of Selinunte, Sicily’s southwest offers plenty of secluded spots to soak up the sun in solitude. From this part of the island, Tunisia is less than 100 miles away and you can feel the North African influence in the dusty villages and delicious cuisine. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider this charming part of Sicily and a few excellent villas from which you could base your stay…

Sample the wines of Marsala

The beautiful coastal town of Marsala is perched on Sicily’s western shore and beguiles visitors with its charming town centre, characterised by narrow streets and ornate, Baroque balconies. However, the real draw of the region is the opportunity to sample the famous fortified wines – there are an abundance of cellars and wineries to visit for tours and tasting experiences. 

May _West _Wine

Explore the fairytale town of Erice

Step straight into a storybook with a trip to the mountain town of Erice, where twin castles paint a fairytale silhouette against the sky. Ride the cable car up into the clouds and spend an afternoon getting lost amongst the cobbled streets. Base your large group at the impossibly stunning Villa Aronica for easy access to Erice as well as the beautiful resort town of San Vito Lo Capo. This princely pad boasts seven bedrooms and a glittering private pool, complete with excellent views of the sea and the mountains.

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Discover the ruins of Selinunte and Agrigento

The mark of past civilisations can be seen throughout the southwest of Sicily. Plan a visit to the archaeological park at Selinunte where towering temple columns and crumbling, ancient streets are all that is left of this once mighty seat of the Greeks. Or journey further south to Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples to see sights worthy of Greece itself. 

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Choose the charming three-bedroom Villa Mandala for a stay near to Selinunte, not far from a pair of award-winning beaches. Creatively yet tastefully decorated in an Eastern Zen style, you may well find inner peace as you unwind in this calming abode.

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Alternatively, you might prefer the four-bedroom Villa Farfalla, a rural retreat with a private pool and outstanding views over the local countryside, sparkling sea and the mighty temples of Selinunte.

May _West _Villa Farfalla

Go back to nature at Belice Nature Reserve

There are a number of beautiful nature reserves in Sicily and the protect park of Belice is one of our favourites. Measuring a colossal 130 hectares of pinewoods and sand dunes, you can ramble nature trails to your heart’s content or simply relax at Foce del Belice, a paradisal streak of sand. 

The stylish yet cosy Villa Le Vigne offers three-bedroom accommodation just a 10 minute walking distance away from this pristine beach. You won’t have to worry about battling crowds for a spot on the sands - there are plenty more options up and down the coast to keep even the most dedicated beach lover entertained. 

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If western Sicily sounds like a dream, browse our collections of villas or contact us today for further assistance.