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Travel safety in Sicily during Covid-19 outbreak

COVID-19 SITUATION IN SICILY (updated  8th April 2020)

The total number of registered infectetions in Sicily amounts to a total of 1893, 34 more than yesterday, who  actually result positive to the Covid-19-virus. The peak of new infections and victims is expected to have surpassed in Italy. In a total of 5 million inhabitants about 25000 tests have been made. The dark figure in Sicily and worldwide is considered to be 5-10 times and more higher, which would reduce the estimated the mortality rate significantly. The date of 0 new contagions in Sicily is expected to be around the 14th - 22 April 2020. A new study also shows Sicily to be free of infecttions by beginning/mid May. For Italy as a whole the date of now new infection is exptected to be between 5th and 16th May 2020 as it varies from province to province. View actual travel restrictions for Italy including Sicily here

E.g. Switzerland has a more than 6-8 times higher infection rate compared to Sicily's population, Germany's rate is about 3-4 times as high. As there are not many tests being made in the UK, the numbers we get are not meaningful for now.

It can be expected that sun and higher temperature have a negativ impact on the virus and help reduce new infections. More and more experts and studies expect the dark figure of infections worldwide to be 5 to 10 times higher as only people with acute symptoms and their social contacts are being tested and therefore registered, which would reduce the mortality rate significantly.

The lock down in Italy and Sicily will most probabily be extended until after Easter.  

Are you booking a train, a hotel, a holiday villa? Are you stressed by the virus, the uncertainty? Then we would advise you to take out travel insurance - so you know in the back of your mind that you can cancel your trip at the last moment. Which risks are covered depends on the insurance company, there are insurers that cover any reason. A telephone consultation about the conditions can't hurt. For those who have already booked a villa please contact your travel insurance to find out what is covered. We from our side are helping those affected with travel restrictions to rebook or cancel their bookings, by negotiating lower cancellation fees or arranging a rebooking free of charge with the owners. If you consider a booking in the future you may be interested in buying a travel insurance that also covers 'force majeure'. 

Staying in a private holiday villa helps to contribute to your travel security as you can avoid and control social contact compared to a stay in a hotel with other tourists from all over the world. Stay healthy and see you back soon!