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Marettimo Villas and Apartments

If tranquility is a holiday feature you prize above all, plan a visit to the mountainous island of Marretimo, one of the charming Egadian Islands, situated just off the west coast of Sicily. The three islands have a total population of around 5,000, with only 700 of this number residing on Marretimo’s shores. As a result, our villas in Marettimo offer visitors the chance to relax into laidback island life, in an environment where no cars disturb the peace and it is still possible to discover deserted coves and isolated nature walks. Visit Marretimo for long walks, lazy beach days and delicious seafood suppers, served at the local fishing village. It’s the ideal destination to reset the clocks to island time, unwind and let the reality of everyday life drift away on the cobalt-blue sea.

Where to stay in Marettimo

One of the refreshing features of Marettimo is the distinct lack of hotels and vehicles on the island. Instead, rustic whitewashed houses stand sentinel along the rocky shore, and travellers who choose to stay on this craggy island can fully immerse themselves in traditional island life, far from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Our selection of self-catered villas and apartments in Marettimo offer the chance to live like a local on this beautiful island. Couples will love the charming fisherman’s house Casa Marettimo, a one-bedroom apartment with two terraces – look out at the sparkling sea or watch village life unfold, depending on your mood. Click on individual properties to discover their unique charms, explore our collections or contact us for assistance in securing your dream holiday villa or self-catered apartment.

Things to do in Marettimo

Shutterstock _150088808_Marettimo _2Life on Marettimo is simple, laidback and carefree. It is the furthest outreach of the Egadian Islands, floating 15 miles away from mainland Sicily, out in the cornflower blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and as a result, the chief attractions are those of the rustic, natural variety.

Explore the island

The craggy mountain landscape lends itself well to hiking with a selection of spectacular trails meandering around the island, offering panoramic views of the glassy sea and sibling islands beyond. Scale the highest peak, Monte Falcone, though bear in mind the last 200 metres can be challenging, then reward yourself with a fresh-off-the-boat fish dinner and glass of refreshing Sicilian wine in the charming local village.

Dive beneath the surface

Marettimo villas and apartments provide the perfect location for snorkelers and divers to enjoy the stunning underwater kingdom below the waves. The Voglia di Mare Diving Centre comes highly recommended on TripAdvisor with its professional, knowledgeable team. Expect fascinating caves, walls, drifts and perhaps a visit to the picturesque cathedral cave near to the island.

Shutterstock _215346673_Marettimo _3Discover the hidden caves and grottoes

One of the highlights of Marettimo is taking a boat trip around the island to discover the secret caves and grottoes nestled in the rugged coastline. Take a dip in the emerald waters within, the sun dappling the surface through chasms in the rocks, and look out for the schools of colourful fish that call this coastline home.

Where next in Sicily?

Marettimo holidays offer an excellent location to explore more of Sicily’s wild west. Hop aboard one of the regular hydrofoils that runs between the islands and visit one of the other Egadian Islands – tiny Levanso or butterfly-shaped Favignana. Levanzo is the tiniest of the Egadians, a small yet perfectly formed expanse of hilly terrain and craggy cliffs with a few pretty beaches thrown in for good measure. In contrast, Favignana is the largest of the three, and experiences a greater influx of visitors in the summer months due to its jewel-toned waters and the notoriously charming bay, Cala Rossa. Back on mainland Sicily, the historical town of Trapani with its medieval streets and golden bay, is ideally situated for a visit after exploring the island chain. The same applies to Marsala, another port town and gateway to the Egadian Islands. Its beautiful Baroque architecture and verdant vineyards win the hearts of visitors exploring Sicily’s western shores.

  • Casa Marettimo in Marettimo

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    1 bedroom

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    Casa Marettimo is a typical small fisherman's house on the island of Marettimo, an authentic, almost untouched natural paradise of the Egadi Islands.  Read more