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Acireale area and our charming villas

Located on the eastern shores of Sicily, 17 kilometres north of Catania and nestled in the shadow of the mighty Mount Etna, the charming Baroque city of Acireale sits on the site of Xiphonia, an Ancient Greek settlement that dates back to 7th century BC. The surrounding landscape is peppered with citrus groves, craggy coastline and dramatic rock pillars that thrust upwards, out of the sea.

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Shutterstock _222015538_Acireale _1As well as being an idyllic destination to enjoy the blissful blue of the Ionian Sea, Acireale is a vibrant Sicilian city with plenty of leisure activities to keep all manner of tastes entertained. From art exhibitions and open air markets to theatrical productions and thermal baths, Acireale holidays will provide enough fun for all the family, whether it’s culture, shopping or relaxing on the beach that holds the most appeal. The city is also particularly famous for its colourful carnival season, where bright costumes, floats and parades take place through the city streets.

Where to stay in Acireale

Here at Sicily4U, we carefully hand-pick our holiday villas, so you can count on booking quality accommodation with us. Each property boasts its own unique features and amenities, from private pools to personal chefs, available on request. Our villas in Acireale offer self-catered accommodation that allows you to come and go as you please with no set restaurant meal times or menus to stick to. Additionally, you can enjoy the extra space and privacy that private accommodation provides, allowing you to settle into a home-away-from-home whilst on holiday.

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Things to do in Acireale

Take part in the carnival

Acireale is the home of one of the most anticipated carnivals in the Sicilian calendar. A two week long extravaganza, typically held in February or March in the lead-up to Easter, the Carnevale di Acireale is a dazzling street party filled with floats, concerts and parades. Expect plenty of confetti, dancing and a mouth-watering array of Sicilian cuisine.

Visit Mount Etna

You can’t miss the imposing presence of this majestic volcano when staying in an Acireale villa. The city acts as the gateway for treks and climbs up to the crater, offering wonderfully picturesque walks through the aromatic lemon groves that blanket its slopes. There is also a nature reserve located here; Timpa is the site of an Ancient Greek settlement that was once decimated by the eruptions from this active volcano.

IShutterstock _158531969_Acireale _2ndulge in art and culture

Acireale is filled with art and cultural sights, right down to the beautiful Baroque architecture the town is famous for. Admire the stunning Piazza del Duomo as well as a variety of other splendid churches including San Sebastiano with its rich frescoes and foreboding statues straight out of the Old Testament. Other cultural highlights of the city include the Library and Gallery Zelantea of Aciereale with its collection of more than 250,000 volumes and fascinating artwork; the exhibition of historic uniforms which is housed at the Town Hall; and the Opera dei Pupi, a collection of traditional puppets exhibited at the Theatre of the Alessi.

Where next in Sicily?

After a stay in one of our Acireale villas, you might want to journey north, along the coast to the beautiful beachside resort town of Taormina, one of the most attractive destinations in Sicily with its panoramic views and historical Greco Roman theatre that still sees performances held at certain times of year. Alternatively, follow the coast south to Syracuse for a glimpse of an ancient world and the ruins of what was once one of the most powerful Greek cities of all time.


  • Villa Sul Mare, Santa Tecla, Acireale

    Weekly prices € 2140 - € 6150


    4 bedrooms

    4 bathrooms

    Villa Sul Mare is located in a small villa complex on the coast, in the 'la Timpa' nature reserve, offering the most stunning views over the Ionian Sea and the nature reserve. The stunning property is nestled in a beautiful Mediterranean garden a...  Read more

  • Holiday Villa Belmonte near Acireale

    Weekly prices € 1600 - € 3600


    3 bedrooms

    2 bathrooms

    This beautiful holiday villa, a recently restored farmhouse, is nestled on the slopes of Mount Etna descending towards the sea. The villa offers spectacular views of the coast between Acireale and Taormina.  Read more

  • Villa La Vela in Acireale

    Weekly prices € 1638 - € 3600


    3 bedrooms

    3 bathrooms

    La Vela is a rarity among Sicilian holiday villas. Comprising of magnificent terraces, the villa is a successful mixture of remnants of ancient times such as antique majolica floors, art nouveau and vaulted, high ceilings  Read more