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Sicilian Cities




Cefalu City Guide Thumb

The small bishop town Cefalù has a wonderful cathedral from the Norman times and one of the most important museums in Sicily. Read more here...



Palermo city guide thumb

Palermo is Sicily's undisputed metropolis. In the dye in the northwest of the island, in where over 1 million inhabitants live, the economical and political threads of the island gather. Find out more about Sicily's capital here...

Agrigento & Selinunte


Agrigento guide thumb

The ancient Greeks are lure us to Agrigento and Selinunte. Both cities had their bloom time 2500 years ago among evenly those Greeks, who got themselves in the course of the centuries in addition, again and again into disharmony and fights. Find our more about these historic sites here...




Taormina city guide thumb

Up to three kilometres the northeast point Sicily's approaches to the boot point of the Italian mainland. The first holiday-makers came through the strait, the Stretto di Messina,  150 years ago, looking for recovery on Sicily island. Read more...



Enna city guide thumb

The navel Sicily's "lies 1000 meters high and covers the rocky head of the Monte Giuliano in the geographical centre Sicily's. Enna is Italy's most high-altitude province capital. Read more about this city and its grandiose aspect...



Noto city guide thumb

To the visitor, Noto is an orgy in baroque expects. The small town in the south of the province Syracuse has approximately 20,000 inhabitants, but churches and palaces for a city ten times as large. Read more...




Syracuse city guide thumb

In its best times the city had over 1 million inhabitants nearly ten times as much as today. Syracuse in the south of the east coast Sicily, was the hometown of the mathematician and technical designer Archimedes. Find out more here...

Trapani and Erice


Trapani and Erice guide thumb

In Sicily's extreme west you find the salt works of Trapani where the 'white gold of the sea' has been won for centuries. The main reason why a visit is worthwhile to this 70,000 inhabitants counting city, lies 750 meters higher. Read more in our guide...