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Patti, Sicily Villas with pool

Patti is a small but perfectly formed Sicilian town, situated in the north-east province of Messina. Though small, it is far from sleepy, particularly during the summer months when it becomes popular amongst visitors embarking on the well-connected northern train line from Palermo. 

This small town also enjoys a reputation of great historical and religious significance. The Basilica of St. Bartolomew has served as a burial ground for both the royalty and nobility of Sicily for hundreds of years and there are several important government buildings located in the town centre. However, the main attractions of a Patti holiday include the town’s close proximity to the ancient ruins of Tindari and its picturesque scenery of flat-topped houses, painted in pastels, peeping out of the hill at the beautiful, blue Tyrrhenian Sea. 

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Why stay in Patti?

Tindari Ruins
Ancient ruins of Tindari near Patti

Indeed, those who love to be beside the seaside will delight in the surrounding beaches of the region and the abundance of hidden coves, flanked by jutting cliff faces, dotting the coastline away from the central marina. Sandy beaches can be found in this stretch - from Capo Milazzo to Capo Calava. 

The Old Town of Patti retains its traditional charm with a mish-mash of architectural styles to discover that reflect the cultural diversity Sicily has been known for throughout the ages – from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the Arabs, Normans and Spanish Bourbons who left their mark on these shores. Romantic, winding streets lead to sweeping flights of steps and shady squares, ideal for sitting and watching Sicilian life unfold.

Where to stay

Our Patti apartments and villashave been carefully vetted and chosen by our team here at Sicily4U. Our expert knowledge, both of Sicily and self-catered accommodation, means that we are able to offer a variety of holiday homes with a host of unique features ranging from babysitting to catering services. Whether it’s a luxury villa or a cosy apartment you require, choosing self-catered accommodation in the Patti region will allow you to experience life in a bustling Sicilian town at your own pace. 

Right beside Patti, Villa delle Isole is a modern holiday home with a private pool and terrace equipped with dining table, chairs and lights to enjoy late night socialising.

Villa del Isole
Relaxing interiors of Villa del Isole in Patti

Just 60 metres from the sea, this comfortable villa is perfectly positioned to experience the historical treasures of north-east Sicily whilst enjoying a relaxing seaside break. 

Things to do

This scenic town, perched on the coast, incorporates all the ingredients to form the perfect Sicilian holiday. A picturesque town centre, steeped in history, provides a hefty dose of culture, whilst the proximity of the harbour and the sparkling sea presents swimming and sunning opportunities, glorious views and an abundance of deliciously fresh fish to complement the authentic Sicilian food you can find in the narrow streets of the town. 

Explore the town’s history

Discover the Old Town of Patti by foot and visit key attractions, such as the Cattedrale di San Bartolomew, the site where the famous Norman king, Roger II, chose to lay his mother to rest in 1118, encased in a marble tomb. Another popular destination is the Villa Romana, situated on the eastern outskirts of Patti. This elegant, Roman house is thought to have been built in the 4thcentury, surviving the destructive earthquakes that have rocked Sicily over time.

Villa Romana Mosaics
Mosaic floors at the Villa Romana

The mosaics of the villa have long lost their lustre but are remarkably well preserved with geometric shapes and frolicking animals captured in the patterns. 

An afternoon at the museum

The Diocesan Museum of Patti is another great attraction of the town. An exhibition of precious works of art, collected from the churches, convents and monasteries in the Diocese of Patti are on show to admire, with items such as candlesticks, chalices, religious texts and an assortment of paintings ranging from the 18th century to the modern day. 

Visit ancient Tindari

Located just a 20-minute drive to the east of Patti, a fascinating archaeological site, marked by a lonely church overlooking the sea, draws many visitors to choose a Patti apartment or villa for their Sicilian stay. This church is a sacred pilgrimage site and the home of the Black Madonna, a holy statue believed to be of Byzantine origin. On and around the hillside you will find the ruins of the ancient town of Tindaris with its Greco-Roman Basilica and theatre dating back to the 4thcentury. Performances and Greek plays are often held at this theatre, providing an atmospheric show against a backdrop featuring the Aeolian Islands, floating serenely in the Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Santa Maria Port in Milazzo
Nearby Santa Maria Port of Milazzo

There is also a curious sandbank at this site, stretching over a kilometre into the sea. The resulting lagoon that has formed is now a nature reserve and a wonderful spot for a day out, a swim or a stroll.

Where next in Sicily? 

Patti is well-connected with Sicily’s capital, Palermo, via the railway line that links the two stations. This journey takes 2-3 hours on average and means you can easily explore this bustling, melting pot of cultures and architecture after visiting Patti. 

Alternatively, journey to nearby Taormina with its stunning views of Mount Etna and beautiful Greco-Roman theatre. Or visit Milazzo, with its picturesque OldTown and hydrofoil links to the stunning Aeolian Islands. This small archipelago is filled with rugged, natural beauty offering spectacular snorkelling and diving opportunities, black sand beaches and the sputtering fireworks of volcanic activity which dominates this island chain. 

Contact us for further information on Patti villas and apartments or explore our location guide for details on other places of interest in Sicily.