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Cefalu and our charming villas with sea view and pool

Whether you seek a romantic, rural retreat steeped in peace and tranquillity or a family-friendly property with plenty of space for children to play, browse our collection of holiday villas in Cefalu to find your dream accommodation.


Our specially hand-picked villas in Cefalu boast a host of unique charms that cater to a range of preferences.

We have properties suitable for those seeking a tranquil countryside escape such as Villa CieloMare, a dream villa with pool and panoramic views out over Cefalu for for friends to relax and enjoy. 

However, if proximity to a beach is a deal-breaker, choose a home like the modern and spacious Villa Allegra and Villa Mazzaforno which are both within walking distance of Mazzaforno beach, as well as being a short drive away from the centre of Cefalu.

Take a peek at our selection of villas in Cefalu or get in touch with our team for further details.

Things to do in Cefalu

One of the most popular towns in Sicily, Cefalu offers not only sandy, golden beaches and a postcard-worthy harbour, but a beautiful, historic centre with honey-coloured buildings and romantic, medieval streets to get lost in.

In fact, Cefalu is made for a meandering stroll, although if you would rather take public transport, a bus line helpfully links key sights in the city. Take a walk along the seafront of an evening, before exploring the bars, pubs, pizzerias and restaurants offering the fresh-off-the-boat seafood that Cefalu is famous for.

Whether it's lounging at the beach, wining and dining or absorbing Sicilian culture, a Cefalu villa holiday won't disappoint.

Cefalu cathedral and historic houses

The town of Cefalu can trace its historical origins back to at least the Ancient Greeks, but the urban centre as we see it today was constructed for King Roger II, the Norman ruler. Wandering the quaint streets, medieval streets is an experience deeply evocative of days gone by but there are also a few points of interest well worth a visit.

The Norman cathedral sits resplendent in the Piazza del Duomo with its twin bell towers and surrounding palm trees standing sentinel. Pay this monument a visit in the early hours of the morning to avoid the tour groups and marvel at the architectural style commonly referred to as Sicilian Romaneque, as well as the awe-inspiring mosaic of Christ Pantocrator situated above the altar.

The medieval wash house, Lavatoio, is an intriguing experience - you descend the steps into a cavern interior to see water spilling from stone mouths, fed by a natural spring. Other historical highlights include the Museo Mandralisca, which houses a fascinating range of archaeological artefacts as well as a substantial collection of shells from all over the world, whilst the Osterio Magno - believed to be King Roger's royal residence - now acts as a venue for art exhibitions.

Cefalu's coastline and beaches

For many, a Cefalu city break would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful beach. It is considered to be one of Sicily's best stretches of sand, a clean ribbon of gold encircling the shimmering waters of the bay.

The sands of Cefalu are popular during the summer months due to the abundance of water activities such as fishing trips, sailing, snorkelling and canoeing that can be arranged from its shores.

Historical influences

The many civilisations that have settled in Cefalu have left their mark on this traditional fishing town. The influence of the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans and Arabs as well as the European settlers of more modern times, blend together to make Cefalu the enticing holiday destination it is today.

Ruins of note in Cefalu include the remnants of the hillside castle that sit atop La Rocca, along with the remains of the Temple of Diana which dates back to the 9th century BC. Fragments of a thick, megalithic stone wall which once surrounded the city can also be seen.

Where Next In Cefalu?

One of the features that make Cefalu such a popular holiday destination in Sicily is its proximity to a variety of places of interest.

City clickers will thrive on the hustle and bustle of Palermo, just an hour's train ride or drive away, whilst nature lovers will appreciate the Madonie mountain range which offers hiking trails

ideal for the Sicilian spring or autumn and skiing opportunities during the winter months.

The Madonie National Park also plays host to a succession of traditional villages set in a scenic landscape inhabited by deer, boar and eagles.

Another popular choice for excursions are the alluring Aeolian Islands – these volcanic beauties can be reached from Cefalu by hydrofoil. Journeys take 1.5 to 4.5 hours depending on which part of the archipelago you choose to visit. Contact a local tourist agency to organise a tour or trip.     


  • Villa Profondo Blu with private Pool in Cefalu

    Weekly prices € 1850 - € 4850


    6 bedrooms

    5 bathrooms

    Perfectly situated, moments from Cefalu and its stunning sandy beaches, Villa Profondo Blu has spectacular views and a private pool set in perfect tranquility.  Read more

  • Holiday Villa Pollina, Cefalu, Sicily

    Weekly prices € 1630 - € 3675

    6 + 2

    3 bedrooms

    2 bathrooms

    Stunning pool villa near Cefalu, Villa Pollina offers unrivalled views stretching from Cefalu to the Cape of Rais Gerbi. Only a short drive to the historical town of Cefalu, the villa is completely independent, assuring your total privacy.  Read more

  • Villa Mazzaforno, Cefalu

    Weekly prices € 1290 - € 3340


    3 bedrooms

    3 bathrooms

    Comfortable pool villa, walking distance to the beautiful sandy beach of Mazzaforno, surrounded by a large terrace and Mediterraenan garden with Palm trees, olive trees and flowering bougainville.  Read more

  • Family Villa Il Poggio with Pool and seaview near Cefalu

    Weekly prices € 3250 - € 5530


    5 bedrooms

    4 bathrooms

    Mediterranean atmosphere pure, Villa Il Poggio is a spacious Sicilian farmhouse near Cefalu, with panoramic swimming pool and beautiful terraces overlooking the sea and the Aeolian Islands.  Read more

  • Holiday Villa La Rosaspina in Cefalu

    Weekly prices € 1250 - € 2250


    4 bedrooms

    3 bathrooms

    With breathtaking views of Cefalu bay and town La Rosaspina is a beautiful villa perfect for a rural retreat. Lovingly decorated and with an area for dining al fresco, the villa lends itself to blissful summer nights.  Read more

  • Villa Mandralisca, Cefalu

    Weekly prices € 1960 - € 4080


    3 bedrooms

    3 bathrooms

    Exclusive and modern holiday villa, located directly by the sea, near Cefalu, one of the most beautiful and most popular holiday locations in Sicily. Villa Mandralisca is situated in a panoramic position and offers a large terrace and a manicured...  Read more